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ROMEO BASTONE COUTURE, Custom Made Designer Bridal Couture Bespoke Melbourne, is an innovative business that offers more than just beautiful gowns; they provide co-ordinating accessories for their range of gowns. Matching headpieces with handbags and jewellery sets are available. Specialising also in Hand beaded and French Lace veils that are individualised to suit each wedding gown. Encrusted with crystals, these veils provide the perfect expression of elegance.

At the recent Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards (ABIA) in Victoria, Romeo Bastone was awarded the 2018 Designer/Couture Gown Award. For Bespoke Couture Designer, Josephine Romeo Bastone, this outstanding result provides the highest esteem in the Bridal Industry as it reinstates the value of customer relations from the initial consultation process to the final perfect gown.

Meet Josephine as she discusses her recent win, her inspirations and her new directions.

The following interview was conducted by 'Wedding Magazine'.

Can you tell us a little about the Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards?

"The Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards (ABIA) is a national organisation that allows newlyweds to rate the quality of product, quality of the service, value for money and attitude of staff they received from suppliers. The Awards covers over 35 different wedding categories. All votes received from newlyweds are tallied by the ABIA and the results are announced in each state at the Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards. Romeo Bastone was awarded the 2018 Designer/Couture Gown Award, Customer rated Best Designer Bridal Couture boutique in Victoria with an overall rating of 99.98%."

But this isn't the only award you have won; please tell us about your other accolades?

"Since the introduction of the ABIA to Victoria in 1998, Romeo Bastone has won in excess of 25 Awards in the categories of Designer/Couture Gown, Bridesmaid Fashion and Mother of the Bride/Groom. Other Awards include National Designer Of Dreams - Designer/Couture Gown, National Diamond Star Award in the category Designer/Couture Gown and has been inducted into the ABIA Hall of Fame (Ambassador) for continued excellence in Bridal Couture. In 2001, Romeo Bastone was awarded three ABIA Awards, which marked an ABIA record and has recently acclaimed the title "Designer of Dreams' recognised as one of Australia's top Couturiers."                                         

It must give you a tremendous sense of satisfaction to know that so many of your customers voted for you. Would this be a highlight of your career as a Bespoke Couture Designer?

"These Awards are important to me as a Bespoke Couture Designer as they reinstate the value of utmost attention in customer relations and reassure each client that their gown is created with absolute perfection. It certainly means that all the hard work of creating each individual stunning gown is worthy and customers are grateful & appreciative and I inturn am humbly honoured and Thankful in receiving such Awards."

Tell us a little about your business; how long have you been established?

"Established in 1991, my attraction to Bespoke Bridal Couture commenced at an early age. Teresa Treccasi Romeo, my mother, taught Couture techniques in Italy - this is how I discovered my passion for creating gowns. I was initially taught  the foundations of patternmaking as they had been taught to my mother in the early 50's. I then attended formal training at RMIT completing my studies and attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree - Fashion."

Describe your signature look?

"Romeo Bastone Couture's signature look is classical, timeless elegance. The Art of creating perfection in a custom made fit lies in the sense of harmony between gown and body. Great care is taken to ensure that each gown is easy & comfortable to wear. An impeccable cut provides the basis for a well-constructed gown. Even if there is a lack of ornamentation, the attention paid to the harmony of line and shape provides a feeling of luxury and elegance."

Who are some of the great style icons women can look to for inspiration when dressing for their wedding?

"Without a doubt, two of the greatest style icons are Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Both women had total appreciation for simplicity. Brides favour the thought of wearing a timeless gown - one that they will constantly look back upon and still feel they looked perfect on their wedding day. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly will always be inspirational to any bride and woman because of their notion of seeking out  the simple essence of timeless elegance."

Tell us about your latest collection?

"The latest collection features delicate & intricate French laces. There are soft flowing gowns with sweeping trains that are overlaid with French laces. The princess gowns are also part of the collection with ruching or draping to minimise and enhance the bride's figure. Gowns are ornamented with delicate swavroski crystals or may feature silk handmade flowers, ruffles or French lace embellishments. The store provides a vast selection of gowns, some of which can be purchased off the rack. However, the Romeo Bastone expertise lies in creating unsurpassed quality Custom Made Bespoke Corseted Designer Gowns and designed and constructed individually to reflect each bride's identity."

To you, what personifies the perfect gown?

"As a Bespoke Couture Designer I feel the 'perfect gown' rejects all unnecessary detail in favour of simple lines - that is, pure form that makes the wearer feel luxurious and elegant."

What Kind of woman makes a Romeo Bastone bride?

"A Romeo Bastone Couture bride is a an opulent, unapologetic, timeless bride. She prefers a classical line with touches of modernism. Simplicity to her means completeness - no more, no less. She is a confident woman who stands alone with understated timeless elegance."

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