Lara / Real Wedding / Bridal Inspiration / Baroque - Art Deco

Lara / Real Wedding / Bridal Inspiration / Baroque - Art Deco

"The best advice I was given before the big day was as follows…

'Remind yourself at least once to sit back with your husband and LOOK around the room at your wedding day.’ So much planning and time goes into finessing every little detail, sometimes we forget to process the most important thing, and that, is TIME ITSELF… It will go so quickly… Take it all in! You will never get the day back, but the memories live on… Be sure to create amazing ones, and cherish the ones that take place in-front of you, however small at the time they may seem. Have fun! Take whatever happens in your stride, and turn it into a positive!"


  • The Engagement: It was casual, and low key – very us! Andrew and I went for a coffee one warm Friday evening down in Saint Kilda; followed by a walk along the beach. He suggested we walk along a rather small and narrow pier to get a better view of the coast-line lit up at night. It was at the end of the pier that I turned around to find him on bended knee… The rest was history!


  • The Wedding Ceremony: A traditional Catholic ceremony which took place at Saint Dominic’s Cathedral in Camberwell East. The bridesmaids and bride proceeded into a full church whilst Christina Perri’s melodic ‘A thousand years’ played in the background. The ceremony featured a number of close family and friends, a family priest, and approximately 200 guests. After the mass; friends and family swarmed around us for lots of hugs, congratulations and photos at the front of the church.


  • The Reception: After the church, the bridal party took a limousine into Melboutrne’s CBD. We posed for natural yet modern photographs in some of Melbourne’s iconic spots including Degraves street; and one of its only original standing laneways; Guilford Lane. The day culminated along the iconic Yarra river, where SHOWTIME a converted Boat Warehouse was adorned with colours of Black, Gold and White. The modern yet elegant reception centre poses old wood floors, an adaptive light wall array, and a spectacular feature bar. All of our 200 guests were seated at black tables (with gold and white accents) to a 5 course modern Italian dinner. We entered to a room upstanding around the dance floor rocking to Danza Kuduro, and went straight away into our first dance (A slower yet still modern rendition of Clean Bandits - Rather Be) We spent the entire night on the dance floor! Our entire party got involved; dancing to the tarantella, limbos under the microphone stick, and; a run and soccer huddle around the bride and groom… So much fun! The energy was eclectic; people were still talking about the energy for months to come…

  • Bridal gown, Husband’s suit and Bridesmaids’ dresses: The bridal gown process began from a collection of inspiration images and a sketch that depicted a figure hugging gown with a crinoline finish skirt. The original concept was that of a flower or leaf, in which the petals splayed around the hem as the bride moved along the floor. Elegance, Simplicity and Shape were the drivers of the design; whereby ‘moments’ of the bodice were accentuated, yet honest enough to let the silhouette shine! Baroque accentuation tied together with modern simplicity! A modern yet traditional wedding, my husband wore a black Calibre dinner suit (adorned with a golden rose which complimented the golden leaves in my hair) black bowtie, and black patent shoes. The bridesmaids featured an ivory lace midi dress with a gold underlay -  Neutral yet complimentary to the theme. Similary, our groomsmen were in matching black suits with black ties… It was ALL about the small details – Something which even our guests appreciated. 


  • Flowers: The flowers reflected a modern yet seasonal theme. All bouquets were an array of green, white and ivory florets that highlighted a mix of dahlias and roses. Splashes of green were included to harmonize with the centrepieces also. My husband wore a gold rose on his lapel to compliment the gold leaves worn in my hair; whilst the groomsmen featured fresh floral arrays that complimented the bridesmaids.   


  • Cake: The cake reflected the modern embellishment of my dress; and our gold backdrop. Considering the reception was draped in black– Our cake sat as a feature piece; tall and grand in-front of the bridal table. Each tier was different yet complimentary of the next; Alternating ivory and gold leaf tiers with baroque lattice detail that culminated in a large open lily on the top with gold stamens. When cut; it revealed a red velvet swirl as red is my husbands favourite colour – a subtle splash of vibrancy to the day! 


  • Honeymoon: As a full time architect and with Andy running his own electrical company; we both lead very busy lives (in particular over the past year planning the wedding.) Our honeymoon was slow paced and relaxing! Spending 2 weeks on the beautiful islands of Thailand, we sat on the beach everyday, drank cocktails, enjoyed the nightlife, and immersed ourselves in the culture on the streets. We made a promise to one another to try return at least once every 2/3 years to reminisce and take a break from day to day lives… A promise I hope to keep! 


  • Highlights of the day: Too many great moments to highlight just one … ​
  • Walking into the church and seeing everyone for the first time (including your soon to be husband) is both nerve racking and exhilarating! There is no experience I’ve had thus far quite like it.
  • The reception itself for us was a blast… One giant party! We had such a fantastic night, so many great memories were made; so many fun stories we will cherish for a lifetime.
  • The moment at night (after the wedding had finished) when my husband and I sat and reflected on the day. The first time we were able to ponder and laugh over the momentous occasion that had just taken place
  • Just enjoying and spending the day with all the people we love! We had all the faces of our family and friends surrounding us on the biggest step we’d taken thus far in our lives, and for us we couldn’t have asked for anything more. The people we love made our day what it was… and for that we are truly blessed!


  • Unique Wedding Day:

The one word we used to explain to our consultants the ‘TYPE’ of atmosphere/ wedding we wanted to create was… FUN!
We set the tone of the evening entering the reception to upbeat tunes with all of our guests upstanding and roaring around the dance floor. Nobody sat down all night (aside from the formalities) there was a bridal limbo on the dance floor, a giant group hug of 200 guests, shots and cocktails passed around between guests all night long, Italian dancing; and a photobooth to capture all the great memories. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by wonderful family and amazing friends! Everybody who left our wedding said the love could be felt throughout the room endlessly, and throughout the entire day. It was the perfect balance of emotion, love, laughter, and sentimentality; heartfelt speeches, and lots of happiness from those we love most…. It was the best day of our lives


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